How to Transfer Money With a Credit Card in

How to Transfer Money With a Credit Card in


Credit cards are one of the most common and accepted ways to make online payments around the world. They also help build credit history, enter rewards programs, and provide enhanced protection against unauthorized transactions.

But can you transfer money between credit cards and other people’s accounts? Contrary to what you may think, it is possible to send money to someone using your credit card and you can receive money from other cards to your credit cards.

Learn how you can transfer money using your credit card, the benefits and disadvantages of doing it, and how to send money locally and abroad using your credit card with

Why use a credit card for money transfers

There are many reasons you may want to use a credit card instead of a debit card to send or receive money transfers. For example:

  • You have limited funds on your debit card;
  • You want to make a transfer in the currency of your credit card to avoid currency exchange charges;
  • You need to make an urgent payment and can’t wait for funds to become available in your debit card account;
  • You want to avoid interest and charges for late payments by paying off your credit card using any of your cards.

You can learn more about the different types of cards and how to use them here.

How to transfer money with a credit card

You can transfer money from your credit card by adding your card to a digital wallet or using a card money transfer service.

However, while you can use credit cards to make payments in most digital wallets and applications, not all of them allow you to transfer money to other people using credit cards (Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Zelle are a few examples).

With, you can send money instantly from any credit card - or debit, prepaid, and virtual cards.

Read more about how to use digital wallets and their benefits when making money transfers.

Sending money from a credit card in

With, you can send money using debit, credit, virtual, and prepaid cards, and the process of sending and receiving money via is the same regardless of the type of card you are using.

Here’s what to expect when you send money from a credit card with

  • Transfer money between any debit, prepaid, or virtual card and your credit card (and vice-versa);
  • Transfer money to others, locally and internationally (to any type of cards);
  • Send Euros or US dollars from your credit card (in addition to your card’s currency);
  • Money transfers are delivered in minutes, no matter where and when you send.

Keep in mind that the maximum sending limit when you use your credit card in is the credit card limit set by your bank.

To add a credit card to your account and make a transfer, follow the same steps as you would for any other type of card.


Can I pay someone via credit card?

Yes. You can use to send payments to people in any of our 150+ destinations, and you can even use your business (corporate) credit card in

Can I transfer money internationally from a credit card?

With, you can send money to 150+ countries from your credit card. If you transfer money to USD or EUR cards, you can choose to send USD or EUR from your credit card, regardless of your assigned card currency.

What does it cost to send money from a credit card?

Credit cards are subject to different conditions compared to debit cards. Generally, the bank fees tend to be higher for payments or transfers made using a credit card. As a result, most money transfer providers will also charge a higher transfer fee. In, you can see the fees clearly and transparently every time, before you make a transfer.

We hope this answers all your questions regarding money transfers using credit cards.

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